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19 2019/06

iSCLife® products bring new treatments to pat...

The clinical application known as "Clinical study of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (19#iSCLife®-CSD) for the treatment of uterine traumatic healing failure" with stem cell product has been approved by the state and fully supported by Professor Zhang Weishe, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Xiangya Hospital.

  • 22 2019/04

    Work in 996 format, sick into ICU

    April 15-21, 2019,The 25th "China Cancer Prevention and Awareness Week"Today, I will seriously talk about the biggest problem after a long-time "Burst liver".

  • 19 2019/04

    Don't want to grow up, iSCL stem cell®...

    As long as you're still laughingThings aren't too bad.Don’t dread agingStop worrying about illnessSCLnow® stem cellsRefuel your bodyGear up for your youth

  • 18 2019/04

    Collective anxiety of young people: Am I old? !

    iSCL stem cell® is younger than anyone else since he is 0 year old only. That’s why he is able to fully self-renew and multi-directionally differentiate so as to improve your physical condition, let you stay in the present, let your body remain in a relatively young state and enjoy more precious life time!

  • 17 2019/04

    Going with SCLnow® to retrieve the “The Flouri...

    The beauty of time lies in its inevitable elapsing. Years can take away the most beautiful memories and time, the function of body as well. No way to keep time stop, but what we can keep is the original beauty - iSCL stem cell of 0-year-old only.

  • 16 2019/04

    I don't want to cry on the hood, I want to ...

    Facing yourself still being young, you must confront everything with smile in your life. Please don't cry in the car, don't cry on the hood, just laugh out loud in SCLnow® Fairyland. Be confident to tell others, I am still young!