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SCLCC® Life Energy Bank Management Cloud

SCLCC® LifeEnergy Bank Management Cloud

The SCL Bank Systemprovides a safe, private, convenient and precise storage location and quantityof stem cells for each iSCLstem cell®, a quick response to inquiriesand calls, and a bank passbook for each iSCLstem cell®, and aquality control standard for iSCLstem cell®.

The data ofmorphology, quantity, purity, activity and so on will be digitized to providelasting and stable safety and international clinical quality control standardsfor each iSCLstem cell®, realize the traceability of iSCLstem cell® seed data, and provide clinical level quality control standard data.

  • Management of global umbilical cord sample source data
    Health financing is so simple that you can instantly accomplish it by moving your fingertips.
  • iSCLSCL Bank® Data management
    iSCLstem cell®products enjoy the intelligent care of SCLCC® Regenerative Medicine Cloud Center under SCL Bank® Life Energy Bank data management.
  • Data management of quality control standard of iSCLstem cell® Seed
    iSCLstem cell® seeds are no longer esoteric. A piece of Birth Paper gives you a whole picture of their quantity, quality, activity, purity, shape, etc.
  • Intelligent data management ofiSCLstem cell® Seed
    YouriSCLstem cell® Seeds enjoy data management to ensure the uniqueness, security, and privacy of the depositor's information
  • Intelligent management of storage location and quantity of iSCLstem cell®Seed
    Your iSCLstem cell® Seeds are stored in the intelligent management of 2D (2-Dimensional Barcode) for easy access and query at any time
  • Vapor phase freezing data management of SCL Bank Thermo Fisher
    SCL Bank Thermo Fisher, under the supervision of the Intelligent Safety Guard, keeps quality and safety of your iSCLstem cell® seeds every minute and every second, and engineer...
  • Passbook of iSCLstem cell® seeds
    You do not manage money, money does not care about you. You are storing not only iSCLstem cell® seeds, but will posses unique ID of iSCLstem cell® seeds and property insurance. While protectin...