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  • Kiss iSCLCODE®

    Kiss iSCLCODE®

    He said: My love is to let you use iSCLife® to give off youthful smell and use
    iSCLCODE® to keep your face “Never gets old”
    Meet SCLnow®, my love for you never changes !
  • Secret of iSCLCODE®

    Secret of iSCLCODE®-Nano scale ingredients, easy skin absorption

    1. UC-HA promotes epidermal cell proliferation and differentiation, reduces fine lines, removes oxygen free radicals, and repairs and regenerates skin.
    2. UC-collagen's natural hydrophilic, moisturizing and triple helix structure makes the skin shine, tighten and moisturize.
    3. UC-MSC secretory proteins and cytokine constitute the active polymer mesh and sieve membrane, which activates the dormant skin cells in the basal layer of human skin to the optimum growth state of the active growth factor.
    4. UC-MSC cytokine can rebuild from skin to keratin depth, and repair skin in all directions.
    5. Small molecule functional proteins and cytokines make cells rejuvenate, reduce and eliminate wrinkles, and delay cell aging.
  • iSCLCODE®apply / cautiously use skin

    iSCLCODE®apply / cautiously use skin

    [apply / cautiously use skin]
    1. all kinds of oily, mixed, dull, water deficient and coarse pores.
    2. all kinds of acne, acne skin and hormone dependent dermatitis care.
    3. due to work pressure, lack of sleep and other skin caused by dull, rough and luster.
    4. people with severe allergies should use cautiously.
    5. people with bacterial viruses caused red and swollen skin, hot itching, pain, eczema etc. should use cautiously.
  • iSCLCODE®Usage steps

    iSCLCODE®Usage steps

    1. open box, take out iSCLCODE®
    2., open the purple bottle cap.
    3. rotate clockwise and open the bottle cap.
    4. open the rubber stopper.
    5. put on special iSCLCODE® emitter
    6. remove the cap and squeeze the dripping head