The beauty of life lies in: Tradition is broken time and time again whenever science crosses limited cognition.
The beauty of SCLnow® lies in: Lead us into SCLnow® Sixth Dimensional Space
Arrives SCLnow®, Gone senility

SCLGL®Four Spaces of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

SCLGL®ID (Birth Paper) of iSCLstem cell® and iSCLife®

iSCLstem cell®: Safety
iSCLstem cell®: Cell level detection
iSCLstem cell®: Non tumorigenicity of stem cells
iSCLstem cell®: Detection of stem cell gene level
iSCLstem cell®: Molecular level detection
iSCLstem cell®: Protein level detection
iSCLstem cell®: Pluripotency

SCLGL®Globalization of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space, centered in Beijing, has made worldwide strategic arrangements and set up the same level SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Spaces in Prague, North America, New York, Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Latin America and Cuba etc,.These regenerative medical spaces are carrying out global cooperation on stem cell medical researches of translational medicine and regenerative medicine.

  • SCLGL®On-Going Creation of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

    The On-Going Creation of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space, based on the large data collection, accumulation and mining of stem cell life energy, and with the R&D of life energy as the driving force, has formed a complete and systematic industrial chain structure.
  • SCLGL®SCLGL® Standards

    National High & New-Tech Enterprise \Zhongguancun High & New-Tech Enterprise
    Member Unit of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association
    SCLnow® Stem Cell Park-China Industry-University-Research Collaboration and Innovation Model Base
    Chairman unit of China Stem Cell Translational Medicine and Regenerative Medicine Industry-University-Research Strategic Alliance
    Member of American National Institute of standards-American Quality Society (ANAB)
    China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment
    Member of International Society for Stem Cell Research(ISSCR)\International Society for Stem Cell Therapy(ISCT)
    Co-convenor of ISO/TC276 International Biotechnology Standard Committee  
    Convener of China National Standard Committee Working Group on standardization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    Trademark & Brand Demonstration pilot unit of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
    Secretariat of Chinese Medicine National Policy Expert Committee\Research Center of National Finance Weekly of Xinhua News Agency