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Storage of “Self-owned iSCLstem cell®
SCL Bank® SCL Bank® Life energy exclusive bank
  • Save money!

    It is even more necessary to store“Self-owned iSCLstem cell®”.The more important thing than money is “Life”. Please store “Self-owned iSCLstem cell®”as soon as possible. This is the new concept of financial management. New life energy is the definition of International Standards Organization (ISO). Don't miss the opportunity to store life energy.

  • Store one, the whole fami...

    It is not only a family's health protection, but also the family's wealth investment. Stem cell life energy has a price, but health of life is priceless! Self-owned iSCLstem cell® can give your life a dignity and make you wake up with a vibrant face every morning!

    Arrives SCLnow®,  Gone senility!

Reasons for choosing  SCL Bank® Life energy exclusive bank

iSCLstem cell can only be stored at  SCL Bank®,Only iSCLstem cell stored at  SCL Bank® is owned by your home.


Home-owned iSCLstem cell® with Property Insurance
Home-owned iSCLstem cell® with Passbook
Home-owned iSCLstem cell® with Quality Control Standards
Home-owned iSCLstem cell® with Qualifications Home and Abroad
Chance in one life time.
Home-owned iSCLstem cell® is one life.
Umbilical cord =100 units of Home-owned iSCLstem cell®
Honor of SCLnow®  Longevity Green Passport

Storage procedure
SCL Bank® 圣释专属银行
  • 01open account
  • 02Agreement
  • 03Payment
  • 04Honor of Passport

01.Depositors register to open account


SCL Bank圣释生命能源银行开户单(点击下载)



Storage Agreement of Autologous SCL stem cell® D759389



One heirloom: 4 units/3 years  ¥19,980
Two beauties: 8 units/3 years  ¥29,980
Three fortunes: 16 units/5 years  ¥39,980
Four seasons: 32 units/5 years  ¥59,980
Five era: 100 units/5 years  ¥99,980
Six relatives: 300 units/5 years  ¥198,980
Seven episodes: 1000 units/7 years  ¥598,980

Payment methods: POS, cash, transfer, WeChat pay, Alipay

04.Honor of Passport


1、iSCLstem cell® ID Card of SCLnow® exclusive depositors
2、Honor of SCLnow® green passport.

Financial products
SCL Bank®-- Life Energy Bank

In a narrow sense, money management is either investment or making money; SCLnow® financial management endows the stem cells with the financial properties of life energy, Every self-owned iSCLstem cell® seed you store has a property insurance to avoid the risk of value changes, making it become a financial product of health care and life.It is therefore a health care asset for the whole life of a family.

This time you pay for your life!

Self-owned iSCLstem cell® seeds you store can be converted into a variety of life and health financial products. Many financial products of self-owned iSCLstem cell® seeds are essential necessities for personalized applications.

SCL Bank® focus on the experience of depositors to meet the personal needs of each depositor. SCLnow® financial management endows the stem cells with the financial properties of life energy. Life and health in the future will rely on personalized treatment, and hence seeds of life energy will be irreplaceable for personalized treatment and precision medicine.
With the development of SCLnow® regenerative medicine, your own iSCLstem cell® can be the seed of life energy for your personalized treatment, and can also be used to regenerate any tissue or organ, remodel the nervous system and the digestive system... You can also recreate whatever you want

Safeguarding the dignity of life
You do not manage money, money does not care about you! This is the reason why you choose SCLnow® for storage.

Every day, we accidentally throw away the most expensive seeds of life. Every day, new life is born.

You can choose to store or choose to throw away every day.
But please do not forget this most expensive gift of life, only once in a lifetime! This time you can choose to pay for life!

Only this time you have guarded the dignity of life -- for you! Also for your family members!