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SCLIC®Personalized experience of SCLIC® Life Energy Station

5H experience of SCLIC® Life Energy Station


The stem cells themselves and their by-products willbecome various personalized experiences of human beings.

Peopleof SCLnow® are proud to say: A new treatment technology has beenadded to your anti-aging therapy for degeneration, disease treatment, tissueengineering, organ reconstruction and personalized precision medicine.

iSCLife® Preparation

5H Experience

Health escort for family inheritance of life and wealth .

SCLIC® Anti Aging

I said:life is like a non-stop journey as if a car ran out of gas and needed torefuel,or a phone ran out of power and needed to recharge.

Humanbody needs to add iSCLife® to let the journey of life stay atthe most wonderful time today.

Meet SCLnow®, today is you and my oldest day

iSCLife® Preparation

5H Experience

Today is your oldest day

SCLIC® Health care and cosmetic medicine

She said: Healthy body and facial beauty will fade away as timegoes by. I will rigidly decide for my health and appearance.

I will add brilliant colors to my aging body and fadingbeautiful face through health care and cosmetic medicine of stem cell.

Meet SCLnow®,today is my most beautiful day.

iSCLife® Preparation

5H Experience

Today is my most beautiful day


He said: Mylove is to let you use iSCLife® to give off youthful smell and use

iSCLCODE® to keep your face “Never getsold”.

Meet SCLnow®, my love for you never changes !


5H Experience

It is my eternal love for you.

SCLIC®Treatment of diseases

As a doctor, I deeply feel that stem cell transplantation hasprovided a safe and effective third treatment type for traditional therapy,drug treatment and surgical treatment.

The substitution, regeneration, pluripotency and chemotactic migration of stem cellsbring benefits to human life and health.

Finally,I got you-My SCLnow®

iSCLife® Cognate-Neural stemcell

5H Experience

Well-being of mankind-The third type therapy

SCLIC® Organ Reconstruction

Forthree years, I waited for corneas; For three years, I was in deep darkness; Forthree years, so many patients had to remove their eyeballs because of theextreme lack of corneas.

Eyeballremoval means never seeing the loved ones, never seeing this beautiful world..

Finally,I got you-My SCLnow®

iSCLife® Cognate-Stem cellmembrane

5H Experience

Replace your cornea and embrace sunshine life again

SCLIC® Reconstruction of Organ

Motto ofProfessor Guo Lei: A man who is not near to Buddha can not be a doctor.A manwhose ability is not near to Immortal can not be a doctor

As adoctor, my biggest dream is to cure diseases of patients without doing surgery.I believe we can all wait until this day!

Finally,I’ve got you-My SCLnow®

iSCLife® Cognate-Hepaticprogenitor stem cells

Professor Guo Lei

The liver is replaced and the life is continued

SCLIC® Personalized Precision Medical Treatment

RayKurzweil, an author, inventor, computer scientist and Google's chief futurist,predicts that human eternal life will begin in 2045.

Stemcell Little Superman in human blood will destroy pathogens, remove debris,thrombus and tumors, correct DNA errors, and even reverse the aging process...We will begin the journey of "Never dying."

Grand presentation -iSCLife® Little Superman

iSCLife® Little Superman

5H Experience

We will begin the journey of "Never dying."