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SCLIC®International Health Care-based Tourism of SCLIC® Life Energy Station

Life is a journey, God endows us with life, and also bestowssuch a splendid world on us.

No matter whetherit is far or near, we trek forward with hope, at a gallopspeed, with varying scenery, with magic encounters, with the guests we meet bychance...

Theworld is so big, we are always eager for a panoramic view of the beautifulscenery, or the experience of sighing. However, diseases come to us faster than expected, hindering our pacemoving forward,or even stagnant due to its disruption.

The Health financing investment and assets of health and life---iSCLstem cell® are availableto be managed by a vision of investment, just like managing money resources to let your healthassets scatter all over the world.

Apart from feasting your eyes on beautiful scene,  don't forget to stop your steps on your journey to fill up life energy at every SCLIC® Life Energy Station all around the world for thebenefit of robust health state, making the health and life get along with each other.

It is a big world. Take it easy, as arrives SCLnow®!

  • Holy Purple

    Travelwith SCLnow® Holy Purple Passport

    Thescatter of dandelion is to grow new branches next year. Your dedication is tospread selfless love. Sakura petals are drifting down. A butterfly is skimmingover, gently holding up a petal,anxious to come back next year. Light a candleto warm up every corner of your heart. Switch on a beacon tower to light up a vastexpanse  of your heart. Meet SCLnow®, fall in love withpurple

    Own HolyPurple, save selfless love

  • Noble Purple

    Travelwith SCLnow® Noble Purple Passport

    Lift up every life and conveyeternity with heart of awe.In a boundless crowd,  expectation for the future prevails. One morecare gives one more trust. Trust is like a clear and faultless sea, no longerafraid of the unknown future. When I look back, I find that you are stillthere.

    Long for Noble Purple,keep eternallove

  • Eternal Purple

    Turning around, your glancelingers about.Years are fettered. Endless purple seems  a vast brocade.One glance can see through tenthousand years, feeling the beauty of life. The experience is more importantthan the outcome. Years are good and quiet.Be forever young, never old. This isthe beauty as it was before. This is the mottled baptism. This is the memory oftime.

    Review the Eternal Purple, lock theeverlasting love!

  • Love Purple

    Travelwith SCLnow® Love Purple Passport

    Walk onthe steps of self-confidence, push open the door of sacred palace,wield aglimmer of silk veil with charms swaying onface. Gentle breeze blows away fragrance of temple hair.Sunsetsilhouette of three persons on the sea side record the happy time. Here is amemorandum of life, a cozy haven, a hazy melodious moonlight.

    Keep LovePurple, convey selfless love!

  • Pure Purple

    Travelwith SCLnow® Pure Purple Passport

    You’ve got your first pair ofhigh-heeled shoes, the first watch and the first trip. Now put aside theshackles, boldly take your own first step. Those desktop-carved  handwriting fade away in every June Autumnwind. Here is the secret in the drawer,  an unfinished exam paper of your aspiration and ideals .

    Grasp Pure Purple, aspire for athorough love!

  • Everlasting Green

    Travelwith SCLnow® Evergreen Passport

    Take an oath devoutly and vow to become a scientist or anartist. Backto the pure teenage time, you put on backpack and dream. Seeking back thesmiling face in your childhood, you can see the sunrise in front and morning twilight behind.You can push iron ring, chase dragonflies, lie on greengrass, smell fresh spring mud. This is a revolving trojan, a melodious 8-tonemusical box and a tranquil secret time.

    Embrace Everlasting Green, cherishpure teenage love.

  • Longevity Green

    Travelwith SCLnow® Longevity Green Passport

    When youopen eyes, there comes the world of flowers, a plucking white sail,a vault of blue sky. We touch all the mysteries,feeling the joys and sorrows. Here is the  cosy lullaby, the staggering toddler and the sweet lollipop.

          Hold Longevity Greenin hand, grasp the innocent love!