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SCLCC®Global Management Cloud

Global Management Cloud (GMC) of SCLCC®-RegenerativeMedicine Space Management Cloud is a global cloud management system thatinteracts data management among SCLnow® staff, depositors, users andcollaborating researchers. It breaks the space, speed, boundaries, and knowsthe global channel information and customer needs at finger tips. It canquickly provide customers with more valuable personalized services in eachchannel, while conveying the core value of SCLnow® brand inzero-distance and rallying morale to achieve greater efficiency. Through simpleclick operation, it can quickly collect customer and management data frombranches all over the world, and through the powerful technology of globalmanagement cloud, it can exchange, mine, sort, accumulate, share the data, andeventually convert it into core value to create the most powerful stem celllife in the world for SCL Bank®-Life Energy Bank and SCLGL®-RegenerativeMedicine Space.

The SCLnow® Global Customer Information Cloud isconstructed by the global cooperative consortium data cloud. It takes customerdemand and exclusive experience as its core principle, and uses data throughoutthe standardized procedure, which has achieved digitized global operation fromspecimen collection, testing, preparation, freezing, recovery and application. Ithas accomplished massive data collection on storage, processing, extraction andexchange, accumulating a rich data base for stem cell translational medicine,regenerative medicine and personalized precision medicine.

At the same time, it also provides an intelligentplatform to SCLnow®Global to integrate information products, services andmanagement, enabling Global to be more smooth inmanagement, information service and application. It can quickly respond tocustomer needs within minutes, providepersonalized and precise treatment for customers and enhance customer 5Hexperience. Meanwhile, it simplifies SCLnow®  Global customer management to improve efficiency.

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No matter in which corner of the world, you can enjoy the intelligent office experience of SCLCC® Regenerative Medical Cloud Center to achieve "SCLnow® Big data, All in one family" and enjoy the special courtesy of SCLnow® Mars men
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