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Globalization of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space, centered in Beijing, has made worldwide strategic arrangements and set up the same level SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Spaces in Prague, North America, New York, Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,Latin America and Cuba etc,.These regenerative medical spaces are carrying out global cooperation on stem cell medical researches of translational medicine and regenerative medicine to realize globalization through SCLCC® Regenerative Medicine Cloud Center.

  • Standard Integration
    SCLnow® has integrated corporate standard along with globalization to realize.
  • Logistics integration (Service integration)
    SCLnow® has an exclusive  global life energy logistics transportation, designed to provide safe, fast and professional services to customers around the world in order to achieve integrated global storage of life energy resources.
  • Data integration
    SCLnow® Regenerative Medicine Space has established joint labs with 39 international hospitals and medical institutions, and more than 4000 specimen collection stations in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. It takes advantage of SCLCC® Regenerative Medicine Cloud Center to accumulate, mine, analyse and integrate the data of specimen collection, transportation, isolation, preparation, culturing, cyropreservation, testing and application, and make the achievements, contributions and standards of translational medicine, regenerative medicine and precision medicine extended to the whole world.
  • Integration of international standards
    Umbilical cord pluripotent stem cells derived from medical wastes are the new life energy defined by International Standard Organization(ISO), and are the irreplaceable life energy seeds for future precision and personalized treatment. Biological innovation of SCLnow® quantifies the quality control standard of umbilical cord pluripotent stem cells from invisible to tangible, and contributes this achievement to the development of human stem cell career, leading and formulating the ISO international standard of umbilical cord pluripotent stem cells with the attribute of life energy.