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The beauty of life lies in: Tradition is broken time and time again whenever science crosses limited cognition.
The beauty of SCLnow® lies in: Lead us into SCLnow® Sixth Dimensional Space
Arrives SCLnow®, Gone senility

The sixth dimensional space is to add a Z axis in the fifth dimensional space, allowing the fifth dimensional space to extend on the Z axis.
Time and speed can be relatively static. The SCLnow® multipotent stem cell is like this kind of axis.
A password that toggles the clock of life can keep life relatively static.

  • Responsibility of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

    “One stem cell, one life”, iSCLstem cell® is Seed of Life,iSCLife® is Miracle of life.

  • Product research and development of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

    SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space consists of Stem Cell Space, Gene Space, Molecule Space and Protein Space. It conforms to GMP standard and has been approved by ISO ISO International Quality Standard Management System, providing an international open research platform, data management and operation.

  • Team of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

    With an open R&D management platform, standardized management and data support, all medical workers and scientific researchers who are interested in stem cell translational medicine, regenerative medicine and precision medicine can easily realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  • Sense of value of SCLGL® Regenerative Medicine Space

    Motto of Guo Lei:A man who is not near to Buddha can not be a doctor; A man whose ability is not near to Immortal can not be a doctor. Taking the Motto of Professor Guo Lei as their own motto, SCLnow® People explore and transform scientific and technological achievements, gather more people who have respects for life, and jointly bring the benefits of scientific and technological achievements to human being.

  • Developing Future Products of iSCLstem cell®seed and iSCLife® Preparations

    Using SCLnow® patented technology,the quality, quantity, morphology, purity, activity and multiple differentiation ability of stem cells are detected from five aspects of cell level, gene level, molecular level, protein level and safety so that iSCLstem cell® seed and iSCLife® Preparations can reach clinical application levels for the third party professional agencies to review according to standards.

  • SCLGL®Data Operation Support Product Transformation

    The SCLGL®-LIMS and SCLGL®-BOM Management Cloud runs through the standardized process with data, realizing SCLnow® data-based operation throughout the whole process from specimen collection, testing, preparation, thawing, recovery and use, completing the collection, storage, accumulation, optimization and integration of massive data, and accumulating a huge amount of data for the establishment of industry standards of stem cell translational medicine, regenerative medicine and precision medicine.