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19 2019/06

iSCLife® products bring new treatments to pat...

The clinical application known as "Clinical study of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (19#iSCLife®-CSD) for the treatment of uterine traumatic healing failure" with stem cell product has been approved by the state and fully supported by Professor Zhang Weishe, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Xiangya Hospital.

  • 27 2019/03

    Arrives SCLnow,Gone Senility

    When the seeds are alive,Life lasts forever.I am iSCL stem cell® D759389,There are too many wonderful experiences to share with you.There are too many stories to tell you

  • 26 2019/03

    After anger is vented, it is often a bad ending...

    Anger bursts out in an instant, causing a transverse dysfunction of liver qi. If you can't find a way to resolve it, it can also lead to liver stagnation. "The clinical study of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (19# iSCLife®释胞儿-LC) in the treatment of decompensated hepatitis B and hepatocirrhosis will open a third way of diagnosis and treatment.

  • 27 2019/06

    The Spring of China's Stem Cell Industry - Seeds...

    The spring of Chinese stem cell industry has already come upon the advent of the bio-economic era. The people of SCLnow® and medical workers, with respects towards life, participate and carry out the SCLPR® "Purple Ribbon" Public Welfare project to rescue the umbilical cord, store iSCL stem cell® seeds, and provide doctors with a brand new third way of therapeu

  • 21 2019/03

    View the vast universe, discern the inner truth...

    Every research achievement of SCLnow® is an addition to human health and a subtraction to diseases. Life is only once in a way, please treat it cautiously. Be sure to sharpen your eyes to see the third way of diagnose and treatment, only spot - SCLnow®iSCLife®

  • 20 2019/03

    iSCLife® makes this world colorful

    I have a gift presented to youA sky of twinkling starsAt a lonely nightStill glittering in the distance