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19 2019/06

iSCLife® products bring new treatments to pat...

The clinical application known as "Clinical study of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (19#iSCLife®-CSD) for the treatment of uterine traumatic healing failure" with stem cell product has been approved by the state and fully supported by Professor Zhang Weishe, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Xiangya Hospital.

  • 19 2019/03

    Stay up the longest night, use the most expensi...

    “The clinical study of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (19#iSCLife-LC) in the treatment of decompensated hepatitis B liver cancer” will initiate a third diagnosis and treatment method for digestive diseases (severe hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, liver failure, etc.) with special effects

  • 14 2019/03

    Let the purple iSCLife® slow down the pace of y...

    Purple born in billions of light yearsBecome eternalMeet here againYou don’t need to worryWe will eventually grow upTo encounter that beautiful person

  • 13 2019/03

    Japanese stem cells, German stem cells and&...

    Among the stem cell clinical research projects that have been publicized in China, this is the only stem cell clinical research project with international standard support and “iSCLife®” brand name. The completion of this project means a brand new technical solution of disease treatment has been initiated. More people can get iSCL stem cell® seeds through the “SCLPR® Public Welfar

  • 12 2019/03

    Your life may change significantly

    2019 SCLnow® is constantly moving forward2019 SCLnow® continues to write legend

  • 11 2019/03

    Abreast with you through the youth

    You are in the story, and he is there tooNo longer let time urge changesBut rather Let youth follow your footstepsTo make ostentation fade awayNo longer fear of getting oldTo recapture nuttiness